The weekly English Expression (1) ‘Can I twist your arm’

Essas aulas de inglês são para alunos intermediários e avançados de inglês como segunda língua. Eles incluem “Ler”, “Ouvir” e “Escrever”. Basta seguir a lição respondendo às perguntas à medida que as encontra.

Todas as vagas em negrito devem ser traduzidas para seu próprio idioma para ajudar na compreensão do novo vocabulário

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‘To twist someone’s arm’

Literal meaning:

To twist someone’s arm literally means to take a person’s arm and turn it around, which could be really painful if you take it exactly word-for-word.

Idiom meaning:

If your arm has been twisted it means that someone has done a great job of convincing you

to do something you might not have wanted to do.

And if you manage to twist someone else’s arm it means that you’re great at convincing them, and they’ve finally agreed to do something after you’ve been begging them.

Example sentence or conversation:

Steve: Hi Anderson, would you like to go to a party tonight with a few of my friends?

Anderson:  Sorry Steve I can’t, my wife would kill me, because I promised her I would have dinner at home tonight with her and the kids.

Steve:  Are you sure I can’t twist your arm. We will have a great time.

Anderson:  Sorry my friend, it’s impossible tonight.

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