Grammar Review 5 (Past Progressive)

Essas aulas de inglês são para alunos intermediários e avançados de inglês como segunda língua. Eles incluem “Ler”, “Ouvir” e “Escrever”. Basta seguir a lição respondendo às perguntas à medida que as encontra.

Todas as vagas em negrito devem ser traduzidas para seu próprio idioma para ajudar na compreensão do novo vocabulário


Print off the sheet below

Then read through the text below the video and identify all of the past progressive verbs. Remember that there are two forms of the past progressive. It is possible that there aren’t many past progressive verbs in the text as it’s less common to use past progressive than the simple past. Remember that the past progressive is an action that was happening in the past.

But first watch the video about the ‘past progressive’

TEXT:   Identify any past progressive verbs in the text.

Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie and Feyisa Lilesa ready to join Tigray war
Ethiopian Olympic heroes Haile Gebrselassie and Feyisa Lilesa say they are ready to go
to the front line in the war against rebel forces.
Their announcement comes after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he would go to the front
to lead the war.
Tigrayan rebels say they are advancing towards the capital Addis Ababa.
The UK has urged its nationals to leave Ethiopia immediately, saying the fighting may
move closer to Addis Ababa in the coming days.
The rebels earlier this week said that they had taken control of Shewa Robit, a town about
225km (140 miles) north-east of Addis Ababa. There is no independent confirmation of the
Communication Minister Legese Tulu said the military has had “many successes” since Mr
Abiy’s decision to lead the battle, and victory was “so close”.
In other developments:
• With Mr Abiy gone to direct the war effort, his deputy, Demeke Mekonnen Hasse, has
taken charge of routine government business
• Ireland says four of its diplomats have been expelled from Ethiopia
• Hundreds of new recruits to the army have attended a ceremony, marked by patriotic
songs, in Addis Ababa.
Earlier, Gebrselassie, 48, was quoted by state television as saying: “I am ready to do
whatever is required of me, including going to the front line.”
Gebrselassie is regarded as a legend in Ethiopia, and his comments were seen as an
attempt to rally public support behind the war effort.
During his 25-year career as an athlete, he claimed two Olympic gold medals, eight World
Championship victories and set 27 world records. He announced his retirement from
competitive running in 2015.

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