Grammar Review 6 (Future Progressive)

Essas aulas de inglês são para alunos intermediários e avançados de inglês como segunda língua. Eles incluem “Ler”, “Ouvir” e “Escrever”. Basta seguir a lição respondendo às perguntas à medida que as encontra.

Todas as vagas em negrito devem ser traduzidas para seu próprio idioma para ajudar na compreensão do novo vocabulário



Download the pdf document and print. Then watch the video lesson below and finally anser the questions on the pdf and below.


GCHQ: How being a spy helps me with online dating
We’ll give you the answer at the end of the article but it’s solving problems like this that first
drew Amena to apply for a spot on GCHQ’s summer school programme to become atrainee spy. GCHQ is the UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agency and their mission is to keep the country safe by analysing and disrupting the online communications of groups that pose a threat to the UK. Of course Amena isn’t her real name. For security reasons she can’t tell us what it is. Radio 1 Newsbeat spoke to her via Zoom, but her camera had to be turned off. What she can tell us is that she is in her early twenties and is first-generation British Bangladeshi, she did the summer school two years ago and now works at GCHQ full time. Diversity issues It’s candidates like Amena that the security services are trying to get on board. In the past, the intelligence agency hasn’t had the best reputation for recruiting ethnic minorities.

In October 2020, the head of the organisation admitted they needed more diverse recruits to “reflect the natural national picture”. This year the number of female sign-ups almost doubled and those from ethnic minority backgrounds tripled compared to 2020. Amena says diversity within GCHQ is important because “when you come from a different background, you might have a different way of looking at things”. But she has chosen not to tell her family what she does and describes that as “difficult”. “In my culture it’s important you make your parents proud and it’s very difficult to do that when you’re in a job where you can’t tell them what you do. “I worry they’d be too proud to keep it to themselves.”

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