Merry Christmas ( Feliz Natal)

Firstly, I want to wish all of my students past and present a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you have a fabulous few days rest and a wonderful time with your families


As a Christmas gift for all of your support this year you can download a voucher for two free lessons to be taken any time during January and February 2023. I know it’s not much, but I wanted to show my appreciation for your support. Simply CLICK HERE>  FREE VOUCHER 2023  and download the voucher and then send it to me via Whatsapp or email to claim your two lessons.

WHAT’S NEW for 2023:

NEW ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE:  In January I will be opening my new students online shop where you can buy discounted products. The address will be You will find a link to the shop on the top right corner of this webpage. All you need to do is click the image and you will be taken to the shop. 

MORE GREAT ONLINE LESSONS: Of course I will be producing even more interesting and tailored English lessons for my students. For example one of my intermediate students is really into exercise and loves his CROSSFIT sessions at the gym, so I am producing tailored English lessons about the physiology and psychology of exercise to help him understand his hobby.

Teaching in this way ‘KILLS TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE’ this is a common expression in English that means we can do two things at the same time. So, what are these two things? Well, he gets to improve his English and at the same time he learns some science related to his hobby. In fact here is a FREE book you can download on the subject.  Simple Health and Fitness – Paperback and Hardcover

MORE eBOOKS TO HELP MY STUDENTS: As a further aid to help my students I am constantly writing ebooks and paperbacks. I do this  because once a student reaches a certain level of English it’s very, very important that the student reads in the new language. Reading is the best way to improve your understanding of language. So not only do I continually look for ebooks that are useful and interesting and add then to this site but I also write ebooks specifically on subjects my students are interested in. Here is a list of titles I have written recently.

        1. How to take care of Bonsai Trees
        2. How to Stop Smoking
        3. The benefits of using Coconut Oil
        4. How to change your metabolism
        5. The benefits of eating Sweet Potatoes
        6. How to build NFTs (Translated by me & written by one of my best friends and students Evandro)

All of these books have been produced as learning and study aids specifically to help you in your learning of the English language. So please take advantage of everything I offer you and access ALL of the material I produce for you guys.  Did you know that this website  is specifically for you and there are over 500 lessons and 175 pages.  All produced by me for you.

RECOMMENDED AMAZON PRODUCTS: One of my most recent projects is that I have joined the influencer programme. What this means is that I now have a specific page where I recommend products to my followers. You can visit my page and read my reviews by CLICKING HERE. 

DON’T FORGET YOUR PERSONAL STUDENT PAGES:  Please remember that every student I teach has their own personal page. Every few weeks I update your personal page and add what I think are useful things that will help you in your learning experience. Remember you can find your page on the to menu bar where it says ‘Private Student Pages’ Simply hover over the menu item and look for your name. They are in alphabetical order.

MY PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE:  One last thing. I have added a ‘My Photography’ page in an attempt to allow you to get to know Renata and myself better. One of my business and personal philosophies during my life as a teacher is forming personal relationships with my students. Most of you have realised that I try to avoid impersonal relationships  and always try my best to form personal relationships with my students.

You guys are my friends. If we haven’t met in person yet, we will do in the future. So in a further attempt to personalise what I do, I will be adding photographs that I think are worth sharing with you. You can find the pages on the top main menu under ‘MY PHOTOGRAPHY’

I hope that my work helps you now, in the future and has done in the past.




Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year






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