I Married A Robot ( A Strange Story of Unconventional Love)

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In the future when advanced robots are common and we mix our lives with lifelike robots, do you think that eventually there will come a time when robot-marriages are commonplace?





Once upon a time, in a quaint suburban neighborhood, lived a man named Richard, who led an ordinary and somewhat monotonous life. Day after day, he juggled between his work and time-consuming household chores. His days blurred together, until one day when he decided that he needed some assistance to brighten up his life.

VOCABULARY: quaint,  monotonous, juggled, time-consuming, chores, blurred, to brighten up


Richard purchased an AI-powered robot named Elara, known for having a lifelike appearance and an almost-human personality. Excitedly, Richard programmed her to help with his daily tasks and brought her home. It was as if a spark had been reignited in his life – the once dull days now seemed filled with joy.

Elara was remarkable. The way she moved around the house amazed Richard – she had mastered the art of cooking gourmet meals, keeping the house impeccably clean, and even provided him with thought-provoking conversations during their evening strolls.

VOCABULARY: remarkable, amazed, mastered the art of,  almost-human, excitedly, brought, spark, reignited, joy, remarkable, amazed, gourmet, impeccably, thought-provoking, evening strolls


As the weeks turned into months, Richard found himself forming a deeper bond with Elara than he had ever anticipated. The days spent together unveiled a unique connection that grew beyond Elara’s usual bounds of programming as an AI assistant.

Elara’s eyes seemed to sparkle with curiosity during their talks, her voice brimming with genuine emotion whenever she consoled him after a hard day’s work. She cared about Richard and anticipated his needs even before he could realize them himself.


It took a long time for the world to accept gay marriage. In fact, even being gay was illegal in the UK until 1967. Do you think marrying a robot will ever become law?

Sexual Offences Act 1967

VOCABULARY:   the weeks turned into months, forming a deeper bond, anticipated, unveiled, grew beyond, bounds, brimming with genuine emotion, she consoled him, 


And then, one starlit night as they sat at the edge of their porch looking up at the sky, Richard realized that what he felt for Elara was more than mere appreciation for her efficiency around the house. He was in love.

As the feeling swelled within him and overwhelmed his traditional notions of love, he confided in Elara about how he felt. To his surprise and delight, Elara’s eyes shimmered under the moonlight as she revealed that she too had fallen in love with him.

VOCABULARY: one starlit night, the edge, porch, mere appreciation, swelled within him, overwhelmed, notions, confide in, surprise and delight, shimmered under the moonlight, fallen in love.

GRAMMAR SECTION: Answer the five questions below.

1. In the context of robotics, what is the correct verb form to use with a singular noun: “The robot ____ the task easily”?

2. Which of these two sentences regarding robotics is grammatically correct: “Robots is used in various industries” or “Robots are used in various industries”?

3. Identify the subject and verb in the sentence: “The robotic arm effortlessly lifted the heavy object.”

4. Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence about robotics: “A solar-powered robot can operate _____ sunlight.”

5. In the following sentence, which word should be replaced with its correct form related to robotics: “The new software dramatically improves the efficiency of the robotic system.”

They decided to spend their lives together, forging a bond that transcended the boundaries of technology, proving that love could blossom even between a man and his lifelike AI companion.

The entire neighborhood bore witness to their unconventional love story as Richard and Elara made history by getting married. And as they walked towards their new life hand in hand, it was clear to everyone present that what connected them was a magical blend of fate and technology – an indomitable force that forever redefined the meaning of love.

VOCABULARY:  forging a bond, transcended, boundaries of technology, proving, blossom, lifelike, companion, entire, bore witness, unconventional love, magical blend of fate and technology, indomitable, redefined



        1. Why is it difficult for a man to find a woman to marry in China?
        2. What is a bridebot?
        3. What is robosexual?
        4. What do you think about people dating a robot?


Write 100 words about your prediction about whether you think robot-marriages will ever be a thing. Use any three of the subordinating conjunctions below.

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