How to make breakfast for an Englishman

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Nestled in the heart of British culinary tradition, the traditional English breakfast stands as a testament to hearty flavours and wholesome sustenance. This beloved morning meal boasts a balanced medley of protein-rich ingredients, hypnotizing aromas, and rich textures to create a nation-wide favourite. As we delve into its delicious components and historical roots, discover how the classic Full English Breakfast has conquered the hearts and taste buds of generations, becoming synonymous with British identity and marking its well-deserved place in gastronomical history.


The Breakfast:

A traditional English breakfast, also known as a “full English” or “fry-up,” typically includes the following components:

1. Eggs: Most commonly served fried or scrambled, eggs are a staple in an English breakfast. They provide a good source of protein and can be customized to personal preference.

2. Bacon: Thick-cut back bacon, which is leaner than American bacon, is often grilled or fried and served as part of the meal. It adds a salty, smoky flavor to the dish.

3. Sausages: Bangers, or traditional British sausages, made from pork or beef and seasoned with herbs and spices, are another important component in an English breakfast.

Grammar Section:

1. In the sentence, “She enjoys having a traditional English breakfast every Sunday morning,” identify the adverb.
2. Correct the error in this sentence: “Traditional English breakfast are made up of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast.”
3. What is the passive voice of the following sentence? “The chef prepares the traditional English breakfast in the kitchen.”
4. Convert the following sentence into a question: “A traditional English breakfast contains beans and tomatoes.”
5. Combine these two sentences using a conjunction: “I love eating a traditional English breakfast. It is very hearty and satisfying.”


4. Black pudding: This sausage is made from pork blood, oatmeal, and various spices. It offers a distinctive flavor and texture to the meal.

5. Baked beans: Often served in tomato sauce, baked beans are high in fiber and protein and add a slightly sweet taste to contrast with the other components.

6. Fried tomatoes: Grilled or fried tomato halves complement the savory flavors of the rest of the dish.

7. Toast or fried bread: Typically served with butter or preserves, toast or fried bread provides added texture and substance.

8. Mushrooms: Cooked mushrooms bring an earthy element to the breakfast plate.

9. Hash browns or bubble and squeak: To complete the full English breakfast experience, one can include hash browns (shredded potato fried into crispy patties) or bubble and squeak (a pan-fried combination of mashed potatoes and cooked cabbage).

This hearty meal is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea or coffee on the side.


Video Listening Section:


      1. What were the “landed gentry”?
      2. What is another name for a full English breakfast?
      3. What kind of eggs can you have with a full English breakfast?
      4. What kind of bacon do we use mostly? Can you name three different kinds of bacon you can buy in a western country?
      5. What kind of sausages do English people prefer?
      6. mmmmmm Black Pudding, I love it! But what is black pudding?
      7. Yummy!  How do the British like their beans and what are they called?
      8. Do you like mushrooms?
      9. How do we cook the tomatoes?
      10. On my traditional English breakfast I also like “hash browns” but what are hash browns?

Writing Section:

In 100 words describe the traditional Brazilian breakfast.




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