Daily Emails (replying to your manager) 1

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Read the email below from your manager and reply to him.

      1. before sending it to me check the following:  tenses of your verbs, check your spelling,  check you punctuation.


Dear Juliana

After receiving your budget predictions for 2023 / 2024 it’s clear that we need to reduce our overheads significantly. Based on your figures we will need to reduce our costs by $200,000 per month. I will be interested to see how you intend to meet these demands. Can you reply as soon as possible with your ideas. Please justify your predictions.

I look forward to your reply forthwith.


Dear Juliana

It has come to my attention that one of your members of staff has been passing around lude pornographic material amongst other members of staff during working hours. Obviously, this is wholly unacceptable. Please email me with your detailed plan on how you will be dealing with this issue. It goes without saying that you need to involve the HR department to avoid any ongoing difficulties. However, I would like you to take the lead on this issue. Please send me a detailed plan of action.

I look forward to your reply


Dear Juliana

It seems that after my onsite visit last week and our subsequent discussion with the department manager, the inadequate air conditioning system has been causing unrest amongst the personnel in the packing department. To avoid any further issues can you inform me of your plan of action to settle the issue before it develops into an issue that might involve the unions. I’m sure you will agree that this issue needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Please bare in mind our restricted maintenance budget for 2023 – 24.

I look forward to your reply.


Write 150 words answering this question. Remember it’s simply a matter of your opinion.


In your writing in the English section include two examples of the present perfect and three transition words. See the link below to help you:  TRANSITION WORDS LINK

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