Pride in the Skies: A Look at the Distinguished Royal Australian Airforce F18 Pilots (English Lesson) Conditionals

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Pride in the Skies: A Look at the Distinguished Royal Australian Airforce F18 Pilots.

Teacher Prof. Steve W. Bradeley BSc (Hons)


F18 fighter pilots are often considered the epitome of skill, bravery, and dedication. Among these elite airmen, one stands out a talented young F18 fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Airforce.   This man’s experiences and training make for fascinating stories, which can also be used as valuable educational tools. In today’s English lesson, we will examine the daring world of F18 fighter pilots through the lens of his journey and focus on using conditionals to enhance our writing and speaking skills. Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure into the skies!

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Grammar Questions:  a). Choose the correct answer.  b). Which conditional is used in this question? First, Second  or Third conditional?

If the F18 fighter pilot had detected the enemy earlier,  _________ the mission more quickly.

A) he would accomplish
B) he would have accomplished
C) he will accomplish
D) he accomplishes

Section One:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an F18 fighter pilot? Well, strap in, because we’re taking off on an exhilarating dive into this elite profession Picture this:  It’s dawn, and the sky is painted with shades of pink and orange as you walk towards your F18 Hornet on a crisp morning. If adrenaline isn’t already coursing through your veins, you’d be lying. Upon reaching the aircraft, you complete your routine check ensuring all systems are functioning correctly. If everything is deemed safe and ready for flight, you climb into the cockpit wearing your G-suit and helmet.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Grammar Question: An F18 fighter pilot is required to attend a mission briefing. Which conditional is used in the following sentence? 

“If the weather conditions are poor, the mission will be postponed.”

A) Zero Conditional
B) First Conditional
C) Second Conditional
D) Third Conditional

Video Listening Section: Watch the video and answer the questions below:


            1. What is a “squadron”?
            2. In the video you will see my nephew multiple times. What do the words “multiple” and “nephew” mean in Portuguese?
            3. When a fighter jet “takes on fuel” from another larger plane, what do we call the process? (use Google Search)
            4. What is “vapour trail” ?  (use Google Search)

The F18 fighter plane

Section Two:

From the moment you start the powerful jet engines and feel their rumble beneath you, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the rush of excitement that accompanies every flight. Once airborne, if time permits, you might find yourself marvelling at Australia’s breathtaking landscapes below – ranging from lush forests to austere deserts.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Grammar Question:   In a conversation between two F18 fighter pilots, which conditional is used in this sentence?

Pilot A: “If we had known about the storm earlier, we could have chosen an alternate route.”

A) First Conditional
B) Second Conditional
C) Third Conditional
D) Zero Conditional

Section Three:

Being an F18 fighter pilot in the RAAF requires superior skill, physical stamina, and mental fortitude. Each day brings new challenges, such as practising various combat manoeuvres or participating in simulated enemy engagements. Additionally, pilots need to stay up-to-date on ever-evolving tactics and aircraft features. Should a crisis arise, they must be prepared to defend their country with honour and bravery.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Section Four:

Nevertheless, if you were to ask any pilot about their best moments, undoubtedly they’d mention the camaraderie shared amongst their fellow aviators who form a tight-knit family within the RAAF. As part of this brotherhood/sisterhood of elite pilots, one must not only trust their own instincts but trust their wingman implicitly. If teamwork isn’t a top priority, things can quickly go awry.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Section Five:

Intense training and a relentless pursuit of excellence are hallmarks of an F18 fighter pilot’s life. Despite the demanding nature of this role, if the thrill of flying at supersonic speeds and soaring above the clouds appeals to you, life as an F18 fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force may be your calling.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:


In conclusion, the life of an F18 fighter pilot in the RAAF is filled with dedication, determination and a strong commitment to protecting Australia’s interests both at home and abroad. So, if pride in uniform, unparalleled adventure, and a sense of duty propel you like the afterburners of an F18 Hornet taking off into the sky this English Lesson has hopefully granted you a glimpse into one of Australia’s most elite careers.

Now let’s look at the new vocabulary:

Writing Section:

Write 150 words about:  Use at least two examples of conditionals in your text.

TITLE:   “A Day in the Life of a Fighter Pilot”

Imagine you are a fighter pilot and write a narrative essay detailing your experiences. Consider the various aspects of being a fighter pilot, such as intense training, the emotions felt during dogfights, the camaraderie between pilots, and the impact of your career on your personal life.

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