‘Our Changing Planet’ progress and hope

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Read through the paragraphs and the new vocabulary, then watch the video and answer the questions beneath the video. Then return to the beginning of the lesson and complete the writing exercises using the nominated grammar concepts. You will also find a series of grammar questions towards the end of the lesson.


Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan embarks on the second year of an ambitious global journey for the PBS series “Changing Planet,”
which explores how six of the world’s most iconic biomes — from Africa’s savannas to the icecaps of the Arctic — are adapting to climate change.

In the newest installment of the seven-year series, Sanjayan revisits these vulnerable ecosystems and checks in on the progress and setbacks of the past year, as communities and local experts confront the climate crisis head-on through traditional wisdom and cutting-edge science.

“If we’re going to rebalance our planet’s carbon equation, we have to find ways to restore and protect our natural places,” Sanjayan says in the second season’s first episode, which opens in Australia’s remote Gibson desert.

“Cutting emissions just isn’t enough on its own,” he continues. “We’re running out of time. But … there is a way through this.”

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