HOW TO: Stop Smoking. It’s make or break this time

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I am an ex-smoker, albeit it I haven’t smoked for over 40 years. Still I clearly remember the amount of times I tried and failed. The addictiveness of nicotine is not demonstrated by how difficult or simple it is for someone to stop using it or maintain abstinence. Stopping this filthy habit is underrated. The one consistent characteristic of smoking addiction is that, no matter how long a person has been without nicotine, just one whiff of a cigarette may make it so easy to forget your promise to yourself to stop. 

Never try to persuade yourself that you weren’t addicted; it’s always an untruth and you know it, and you’re simply and certainly telling yourself lies. You were addicted to nicotine as long as you used it, in whatever form, and you likely still are. How many times did you ask someone, “How many do you smoke a day?” and they say, ” only a couple, but I could stop at any time I want to.” Are they trying to kid you or themselves? They are addicted but don’t want to admit it. Just maybe, the first step to giving up is admitting that you have a problem.

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Former smokers develop subclinical addictions. What is a subclinical condition? According to Google and after a quick search you will be presented with this definition:

Subclinical disease: An illness that is staying below the surface of clinical detection. A subclinical disease has no recognizable clinical findings. It is distinct from a clinical disease, which has signs and symptoms that can be recognized.”

You should keep it that way by quitting completely and now whilst the word ‘subclinical’ still means subclinical and not clinical! With the help of the knowledge presented here and a little motivation and will, you could stop right away.

VOCABULARY: Former, Subclinical, According to, Recognizable, Findings, Symptoms, Quitting, Whilst

Smoking is a challenge to stop, there is no doubt about that and after you do, your body will struggle to recover. It will take years to clean up the mess. I sincerely hope you find this ebook inspiring enough to start you on your way. You know, I went cold turkey many, many times before I finally quit. One of the memories that are etched on my mind is the amount of times I lied to people about stopping, when I hadn’t. Although it won’t be the whole answer, I hope it will help you to at least think about it.

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Chapter 1


Introduction to your new life without fags.

Of course I know that if you are a smoker it can be difficult to quit. I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. However, if you really want to stop, you will and if the time is right for you, you will. You will gain the willpower to take the initiative. If there is one thing that prevented me from giving up earlier than I actually did, was people pushing me. Push yourself because the last thing you need right now is someone pushing you.

Smoking is not good for anyone, we all know that. Secondhand smoke has been proven to be even worse than smoking directly. For those around you, once you smoke, you damage their health too. Who in their right mind would purposely and deliberately damage their loved ones health? Many people smoke for years, making it difficult to quit. However, you have help and hope, especially if you have wanted to quit for long enough.

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The basics of preventing unhealthy living:

Why do people start smoking? Some people start smoking because they think it’s cool and their friends are impressed. They think it makes them look mature or cool. For most it’s simply peer pressure.

Unfortunately, many people start smoking early in life. Unfortunately, many people end up with bronchitis, respiratory problems, cancer and or lung disease. When we were teenagers, we thought it was the best thing to do since all our friends did it. Peer pressure. We may have gotten into the habit by watching parents or grandparents smoke. I remember as a ten year old going to work with my dad to his TV repair shop in Silverdale, Newcastle-Under-Lyme in him Morris 1000 (moggy 1000) van and how it stunk of stale fags. He would wind down his window while smoking and spit phlegm out of the window onto the road. A sure sign he was well on his way to the cancer that eventually killed him. Stupid sod!

If you are interested in learning more about how to stop smoking you can buy the complete ebook on Amazon. I have put the links below. 


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