Hastings Direct Motor Insurance (Daylight Robbery)

Dear readers

It’s not often that I go on the offensive, instead I prefer a quiet life. However, my wife and I have just arrived home from what some would call a trip of a lifetime. In April 2022 I retired after working all of my life and paying into the system here in the UK. I have been riding motorcycles and driving my car for well over 40 years and have a spotlessly clean record.

We were away visiting South America, Indonesia and Australia for almost 13 months. We hired bikes and borrowed from people we know whilst away. Before we left, my car insurance was £280 per annum. A lot but manageable considering no accidents and driving points. We arrived back in the UK two weeks ago only to be told that my car insurance had quadrupled to over £800. Not only that I get a phone call to tell me that because I didn’t insure my car while we were away but instead put it into storage along with my BMW motorcycle where it was dry and safe and sound. During the call from HASTINGS DIRECT I was told that because there was a gap between policies while we were away, they now wanted another £700. Yes, that’s a total of £1500 for a 2004 Skoda worth only £800. From £280 to £1500 with NO accidents or convictions.  NOW I CALL THAT TAKING THE PISS HASTINGS DIRECT.

I hope that, by my relentless blogging you lose business. You don’t deserve to be in business ripping off good customers like myself.

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Stephen W. Bradeley






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