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Read the email below from your manager and reply to him.

      1. Before sending it to me check the following:  tenses of your verbs, check your spelling,  check you punctuation.
      2. Also, include one of the grammar items directed by your teacher. 


USE:  AN EXAMPLE OF present perfect progressive AND past perfect progressive


Yealink have responded and are awaiting your further directions and details of what your board of directors have decided.


Dear Danilo

Thank you so much for your quick response. Although there are areas of this negotiation that need work. However, I do  think that we are starting to find some middle ground in the difficult areas. It’s clear that we both have valid points and areas that need tweaking. Let’s keep working on the points of contention and see if we can reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. Obviously there are opportunities for us both here. As a growing company, Yealink are keen to expand in Brazil. 

Regarding your concerns in point one section one, 30,000 units would be acceptable to us. The 90 day grace period is also acceptable to us. And your last point I’m sure we can work on together. 

I really think that a face to face meeting would be advantageous to both sides. Lets organise a date. We are perfectly willing to host your delegates here at no expense to you. 

Let me know what you think. Also, a possible meeting date.

Kind regards

Nancy Zhang

Vice President :  Strategic Accounts



Your Reply

Dear Nancy,

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my boss and unfortunately we can’t follow through with the negotiation considering Yealink’s terms.
We considered every point and the steps below to reject your proposal:
1. The amount of money that we will need to invest in advance.
2. Costs with storage, because a huge part of this quantity will stay in our stock until we sell.
3. And finally, the time to RoI (Return of Investment). We don’t have another project for this model, so we will need to CREATE NEW MARKETING.
To not lose the opportunity and try to find a way to continue our negotiation, we propose the offer with terms below:
1. 30,000 units per month, during 12 months.
2. Payment conditions: 90 days grace after Yealink delivers the order from China.
3. Priority in Government opportunities when this model is ordered in bid.
This is the only way that we can move forward with this opportunity.
I hope you understand and do your best to accept our request.

Best regards



Yealink have responded and are awaiting your further directions and details of what your board of directors have decided.


Yealink response

Dear Danilo

Thank you for your swift response.

Once your CEO has completed his due diligence please let us know and then we can set up the meeting here in China and move forward with your orders. 

Kind regards

Nancy Zhang

Vice President :  Strategic Accounts




Your reply

Dear Nancy

Thank you for replying.

I understand Yealink’s reasons for considering our request.

We have been talking about a great opportunity in the Brazilian market to develop the Yealink brand.

Our financial and commercial team have been talking to implement your suggestion in our commercial plan, but it is not so easy.

The sales director said, “This number is double the amount of what we sold in 2022.”

The financial director agreed with him and said that we need to spend a huge amount of money in a short period.

The decision now is with our CEO.

He has already read your e-mail, but didn’t say anything to us yet.

I hope to answer your proposal next Monday.

Best regards,




YEALINK REPLIED  to your previous request for 120,000 units with a modified jack plug instead of the USB connector.

Dear Danilo

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the supply of 120,000 headsets with the modified jack plug instead of the usual USB connector. Unfortunately the numbers you require don’t justify the development of a new product.  However, if you were prepared to enter into a minimum order contract based on a supply 25,000 units per month over a two year period we might be willing to consider your request. 

I suggest that you discuss the possibility inhouse and let us know your decision. We can then take the matter further.

Kind regards

Nancy Zhang

Vice President :  Strategic Accounts




Should be a detailed description of the outcome of your inhouse meeting to include your projected order volume over the next two years. And a request to set up a face to face meeting of sales and finance directors in China from both sides.

Your reply email should include the following grammar concepts:

  1. One example of each of the following grammar:  present simple, present progressive and present perfect. 
  2. One or two examples of direct speech.
  3. One example of reported speech.


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