The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party


Have you ever wondered how or when the American Revolution started against the British rule?  Well on December 16, 1773, an important event occurred in American history known as The Boston Tea Party. A group of colonists from Massachusetts, who were fed up with heavy British taxation on tea, disguised themselves as Native Americans and boarded British ships in the harbour. After boarding the ships, they proceeded to throw over 300 chests of tea into the ocean. So, yes American independence owes its history to tea.

Now discuss the vocabulary:  

Grammar question 1:
Which tense is used in this paragraph?

Section One:

The British East India Company owned the tea that was destroyed during the Boston Tea Party. This hurt their business and angered the British government. In response to the act of rebellion, Britain passed a series of laws called the Intolerable Acts. These laws were designed to punish Massachusetts and restore British control over the American colonies.

Now discuss the vocabulary: 

Grammar question 2:
What is the past participle form of “own”?

Video Section; Watch the video and answer the eight questions below:


          1. When was the “Tea Act” formed?
          2. What was the name of the company that imported tea?
          3. What is a “Bailout” ?
          4. What is a “monopoly” ?
          5. What products did the Townsend Act tax?
          6. How many chests of tea were “dumped” into the sea?
          7. What does the expression “to shack up” mean?
          8. What was the slogan that the Americans used at the start of the revolution?

Now discuss the new vocabulary in the video:

Section Two: 

The Intolerable Acts only served to fuel tension between the American colonies and Britain. Feelings of unrest and anger spread throughout the thirteen colonies, leading them to join forces against a common enemy. In September 1774, colonial leaders met to form the First Continental Congress, a key development in America’s path to independence.

Grammar question 3:
Combine these two sentences: “Feelings of unrest and anger spread throughout the thirteen colonies. They led them to join forces against a common enemy.”

Now discuss the new vocabulary:

Section Four: 

The Boston Tea Party is a significant event in American history because it helped unite the American colonists in their fight for independence from Britain. It showed that they were willing to stand up against unjust taxes and actions imposed by the British government. Eventually, this sense of unity would lead to more organized resistance and ultimately, America’s independence. History shows that in fact, the Americans were poor fighters and badly equipped. Most of them didn’t even have shoes.  The British were experienced and professional soldiers. During the beginnings of the war the Americans were losing. And so, they asked France to help them. The French sent ships full of soldiers to help. The true history shows that in fact, the Americans lost the war of independence. It was the French that won it for them. An American will never admit to this historical fact.

Grammar question 4:
Identify and correct any errors in this sentence: “It showed that they was willing to stand up against unjust actions and taxes.”

Now discuss the new vocabulary:

Writing Section:

Write a short summary about the Boston Tea Party from the perspective of a fictional character that was involved in the event. The student must describe the key events leading up to the Boston Tea Party, as well as the reactions of those around them. The assignment should be 150 words long. Include one example of direct speech.

Here is an example of direct speech you can include in your assignment:

As John hesitated on the dock, he overheard Samuel Adams exclaim, “Tonight, we stand united against tyranny! Throw every last chest into the frigid waters below!”

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