OK so you can speak English now! But, can you make yourself understood when you are angry? Can you express yourself when you are frustrated with someone? In short, can you wear? These questions can be answered in this book. This short but shocking book will give you the verbal tools to stand your ground.


101 Expressions And Words To Use When
You Are Angry

As we look at English swear words in this book, the origin, meaning and grammar positions of those words, let’s start this book off with a quiz. You can find the answer at the end or click the “CLICK HERE” link below.
Learning a second language includes all language levels, the good, the bad and the ugly. This short book is meant for
those who are now fluent in English but want to add “real life” vocabulary and is commonly found in the workplace, the pubs and bars, and, unfortunately, in the home. Although, I have always made it an unwritten law to keep the home a little more sacred.
Question: What is the most common phrasal verb in the English language. A phrasal verb that needs no translation. Is understood in all languages.

Welcome to my book 101 Ways to Swear in English. An analytically and sometimes meta-analytically study of how we the English swear. Where do those words originate from, and why? Their origins and rise to fame and how we use them now, sometimes years later. One day, I spent my working week here in Sao Paulo, Brazil teaching students how to speak
English in our school from books written and produced in the United Kingdom and teaching those students how to speak
with our so-called pure and sexy British accent. Of course, I am English and firmly believe that “English English” is far
superior to other English is spoken worldwide. After all, it’s the mother tongue. All other forms of English are used as English with a regional accent. The other forms of English have developed their own particular swear words unique to their particular country. So when visiting another English speaking country, we always have something new and sometimes, something amusing to learn.

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