Examining Accents and Dialects: GEORDIE

Grammar included:  “Received Pronunciation”     

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GRAMMAR SECTION   ”Received Pronunciation”


Remember that during the lesson we are continuing our RP practice to be able to improve our pronunciation and diction.

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THE GEORDIE ACCENT:  This girl went to bed one night and woke up with a different accent!!



READING TEXT: About the Geordie Accent

The Geordie accent, associated with the people of Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas, is one of the most distinctive and recognisable accents in England. Its name is derived from George (or “Geordie”), which was a common name in the region and also used as a nickname for local coal miners.

The origins of the Geordie accent are complex and fascinating, owing to historical, social, and linguistic factors. Linguistically, it falls within the Northern English dialects, characterized by specific vowel and consonant formations that distinguish it from Received Pronunciation (standard English English) and other regional accents.

Historically, the development of the Geordie accent can be linked to the region’s early Anglo-Saxon settlements and later Scandinavian influences during the Viking Age. Unlike many other English dialects, Geordie retained certain elements from Old English and Old Norse, contributing to its unique sound.

The Coal Mining industry also played a crucial role in shaping the accent. The close-knit community of miners often lived and worked together exclusively, which likely helped to preserve and strengthen their way of speaking. Also notable is that Newcastle’s position as a port city meant there was regular contact with traders from other regions and countries which could have introduced new vocabulary and inflections into the local speech pattern.

In more recent times, despite technological advances and increased mobility potentially diluting regional accents, television programs like “Byker Grove” and “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” have helped to keep the sounds of the Geordie accent alive in British popular culture.

This English lesson  aims to offer a concise overview of how historical events and societal dynamics have contributed to the development of one of Britain’s most iconic ways of speaking. For anyone interested in linguistics or cultural history, the origins of regional accents like Geordie offer a window into the past and an understanding of how language continually evolves.


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