Grammar included:  “Received Pronunciation”     

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GRAMMAR SECTION   ”Received Pronunciation”


Remember that during the lesson we are continuing our RP practice to be able to improve our pronunciation and diction.

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READING TEXT: About the Birmingham Accent

From the busy streets of the Bullring to the evocative canals echoing with history, Birmingham, UK is as rich in cultural diversity as it is in its unique linguistic identity. The ‘Brummie’ accent is not just a manner of speaking; it’s a badge of pride, a touchstone of local identity that distinguishes this bustling city from any other place in Britain.

Birmingham’s accent is known for its distinctive melody and intonation, often said to rise and fall unpredictably compared to the steady rhythms of received pronunciation. This is the charm and the puzzle of the Brummie accent – a language pattern filled with nuances and a character all its own.

To truly understand this accent, one needs to delve into the history of Birmingham itself. A melting pot of dialects from across England and beyond, it has evolved over centuries into what we hear today. However, misconceptions abound. Often unfairly characterized by media portrayal as the “least attractive” accent, Brummies know there’s beauty in their speech that belies such superficial judgments.

But there’s a resurgence, a reclamation of cultural identity happening. Spearheaded by proud Birmingham natives and supported by linguists who emphasize regional accents’ importance to diversity and heritage, appreciation for this way of speaking is growing.

For linguists, every nuance in the Brummie accent provides clues to historical migrations and social change. For locals, it grounds them in place and community. And for the rest of us? It’s an invitation to listen without prejudice—to hear in Birmingham’s rolling vowels and clipped consonants the story of a vibrant city that refuses to be defined by others.

So let us raise our voices – or at least our ears – to celebrate not just the Birmingham accent but all regional accents for what they are: living museums of our collective pasts, sounding through to our present.









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