Terms and Conditions

Below is a document that explains the Student Terms and Conditions of studying with Steve.


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Terms and Conditions JANUARY 2022-23 ENGLISH

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Terms and conditions


Please note that this is a twelve month contract and the payment is due every month for twelve months.

“Lesson costs will not increase during 2023″

The ten rules of having lessons with me in brief.

      1. Lessons are 50 – minutes.

      2. All bank holidays must be paid for.

      3. Students must notify me if they can’t do the lesson at least ONE hour before their lesson starts. If not, the lesson is lost.

      4. Missed lessons cannot be transferred to another student.

      5. The lesson prices are calculated over 48 weeks divided by twelve equal monthly payments. This is a verbal contract between the student and teacher. The lessons are not paid on a lesson by lesson basis. This is a twelve-month course. (see section C and Ci).

      6. Learning materials are free to all students.

      7. Payments should be paid at the beginning of each month by PayPal.

      8. Missed lessons cannot be carried forward into another month without speaking to Steve.

      9. Once a student has completed 12 months of study and completed 12 equal monthly payments then only only one month notice is required to finish. Once the student notifies me that they want to stop the lessons, one more payment is due.

Please put your name here to agree with the rules before we begin our lessons.

HERE ———————————————————-    (Continuing English lessons once the document has been delivered on the first invoice constitutes an agreement to continue). 

OR: By continuing with your English lessons after this document has been attached to your PayPal invoice and received either an email or to your invoice then I assume you agree with the above rules.

The ten rules of having lessons with me in detail.

The following terms and conditions apply to all students taking English lessons with me during 2023. To translate into your native language please use this link. Please be aware that I give English lessons to people all over the world including Brazil, Italy, Spain, Russia, Chile, Japan and others. It is impossible to translate these Terms and Conditions into all of the languages. So use this link to copy and paste these words. https://translate.google.co.uk

(A). Class duration:

Lessons are 50 minutes in duration depending on our arrangement.

(B). Bank and public holidays in Brazil


Some countries like Brazil for example have a lot, almost three weeks, 21 days, of single bank holidays, unfortunately, all bank holidays have to be paid as usual. The cost of your lessons minus three weeks would be impossible to do over the year. Thus all single bank holidays constitute a normal month. Students cannot discount a week from their invoice but they can choose another time or day to have their missed lesson as long as they notify me 24 hours in advance that they intend missing the class . Students must also remember that if they intend to take the holiday off, then they must contact the teacher and let them know that they wish to change their class times and days, otherwise that lesson must be paid for and cannot be exchanged for an alternative date and time. Please also note that paid lessons cannot be transferred to another student and paid lessons cannot be carried forward into the next month. All missed lessons must be taken in the same month.


From January 1st 2021 the total lessons cost is calculated over 48 weeks to allow for a 0ne month vacation break. The monthly cost will be the hourly cost ($20) x 48 weeks divided by 12 months. This means that a payment is due every month for 12 months regardless of the amount of lessons in the month or whether you are taking that months lessons or not. It is a 12 month verbal contract. That cost will be the same amount each month. The payment is due every month for 12 months.


(Ci) Example: in US Dollars ($US)

One lesson per week ($20 x 48)=$960 /12 = $80.00 per month for 12 months

Two lessons per week (($20 x 2) x 48))=$1,920 /12 = $160.00 per month for 12 months.


(D). In January 2023 and once the notification has been received and this amended terms and conditions document received, continuing your lessons with me will constitute your inferred agreement to the new contract terms in this contract. This is what we call a Gentleman’s Agreement in English and is binding.

(E). Learning materials and books:

All weekly learning materials are digital and free to students.

(F). Payments:

All payments must be made at the beginning of each month by PayPal unless otherwise arranged with the teacher. All students will pay 4 full weeks or one month which ever is the longer in advance at the beginning of the arranged month.

(G). Prices

All payments are made using PayPal.com or a suitable bank agreed between myself and the student. All payments are invoiced each month and made in British pounds, US Dollars or Euros . You can use an international Visa card or Mastercard or contact your bank to allow the transactions through your bank. Note.. you may receive a transaction charge. This is normal with any international transaction.

(H). Costs.

  • 50 minute lessons 18.00 UK pounds (approx. 90 Brazilian reals) or ($20 US Dollars) or ( 20 Euros) which ever is easiest for the student. All fees are paid using the international payment portal “PayPal” I do not accept Brazilian reals.

Please note that I teach students all over the world online and my business in British based.

(I). Class cancellations:

  • If a student wants to cancel his or her lesson the student must message the teacher at least two hours before the start of the lesson. If a student sends the teacher a message then the lesson can be rescheduled for a future date and time within the same month. If the student does not message the teacher that he or she wants to cancel a lesson then that lesson must be paid for and can’t be rescheduled.

If a cancelled lesson is rescheduled and the rescheduled class is then cancelled to that second cancelled class cant be rescheduled.

  • Missed lessons can’t be carried forward into a following month or discounted from next months invoice. A missed lesson must be taken in the same month. This is because the teacher will be sitting at the computer waiting for you to come online as usual. That time-slot cant be given to another student because of the short time. The teachers time is as valuable as the students.

  • When you book a lesson you agree to taking a particular slot on my agenda which then can`t be given to another student. Therefore, you are paying for the slot booked on my agenda and not simply the lesson. I have many cancellations during the week from many students. This is the reason students must pay for and if missed or cancelled choose another time to take their cancelled class.

  • If during our arrangement a student refuses to pay for booked lessons then our arrangement will discontinue.

  • I don’t use contracts and so students are free to cancel our arrangement at any time and so when we begin our lessons together the arrangement is taken on and is a verbal gentleman’s agreement. An Englishman’s word is his bond. As we say in English.

  • Paid for lessons or missed lessons cannot be transferred to another student.

(J). E-books: Specific e-books and paperbacks are available to buy via the website below. These books have been developed to assist the student to get the most out of their English Lessons. So please do download one of the five eBooks or one of the simple-to-read ebook stories. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary.